The Urban brand was created in a lab by a team of Mayan scientists. If we knew their names we probably couldn't spell them anyway. If you follow these guidelines, we think they won't come after you.
Our story
Who we are

Our story

We didn’t build Urban because we liked the property market.

False photography, inconvenient viewing times, exhausting negotiations, and inflexible payment options–we all know that finding and moving into your new home is an overwhelming experience. The journey is packed with endless moving parts, and every one of them feels completely out of your control.

But what if you could make choices that worked for you, at every stage of your home search? Rather than doing things the way they’ve always been done, we’re starting with how they should be done—by making the journey to find your new home joyful rather than painful.

We’re not from the real estate industry. We don’t belong. And that’s a good thing.

We're making renting easy, honest and empowering by bringing the entire rental journey online. With Urban, you can discover inspected homes, visit on your own and pay your rent monthly.

Who we are


We are bold, daring and creative, but not offensive.


We are lighthearted, playful and relatable, without being insincere.


We are uplifting and promote agency, without being patronizing.